Maria AgnesiAn Online Tour by J.Y.                             

Updated 3/18/01


An exceptional female mathematician and a child prodigy, Maria Gaetana Agnesi still has no Italian postage stamp to honor her.  Here is an online tour of some web pages I found informative, so that you won't have to trudge through the heaps of futile pages and pages that can’t be displayed.  I recommend that you go the pages in order, but you can skip around if you’d like.  I saved my favorite site for last, so please don’t leave the tour until you’ve seen it.


  1. No. 217: The Witch of Agnesi

Looking for a short biography on Agnesi?  This page has a biography of Maria Agnesi with plenty of information, and it’s not very time-consuming to read.


  1. Maria Agnesi

A web page with biographical information on Maria Agnesi, as well as brief descriptions of the books she wrote.


  1. Agnesi

This web page has a very long biography of Maria Agnesi, and excerpts from books and letters.  There are four pictures that you can view by clicking on the portrait of Maria Agnesi.


  1. The Living Witch of Agnesi

This page has a short but easy-to-understand graphical explanation of the Witch of Agnesi, and a visual too.  The text is in a nice big font, so you won’t have bleeding eyeballs by the time you finish reading the text.


  1. Why is it called the “Witch of Agnesi”?

This page has a very detailed and elaborate explanation of why Maria Agnesi’s curve is called the “Witch of Agnesi”.


  1. The Witch of Agnesi by Golden and Hanzsek-Brill

Another web page about the Witch of Agnesi, but you have to know trigonometry to understand the proof.


  1. Agnesi

Perhaps the best Maria Agnesi site you’ll ever see in your life, this site is complete with pictures, loads of information, and even a timeline!  Some of the contents are still “under development”, but it’s almost completely done.


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