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Math Practice and Puzzles Sites
Although it is not a drill and practice site as such, the first site I would like you to visit, before you practice, is a site called:

"The Most Common Errors in Undergraduate Mathematics"

by Eric Schechter at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. While much of the math described on this page will be too advanced to understand right now, I think you will be surprised at how some common math errors that we have discussed are still being made by college students. Just skip the parts you don't understand (they will make good reading in a couple of years so keep it bookmarked!) and focus on the parts you do understand. Particularly interesting are the sections on sign errors, dimensional analysis (checking your units), invisible parentheses, and undistributed cancellations.


SAT & ACT Practice Sites

  • The Online Test Page
    Free Sat and ACT practice. By Elias Saab, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Missouri at Columbia.


General Math Practice Sites

  • Basket Math Interactive
    A clever interactive site that lets you practice about 20 different math activities. Tips are provided for missed questions and your total score is kept automatically. By Robert Cummings at Science Academy Software.
  • AAA Math
    This site has an interactive practice tool for each of its topics in basic math. You can pick the exact topic you want to practice. Geared for K-8 but anyone can benefit. By J. Banfill.
  • 9th Grade Math Practice Questions
    Take an on-line 38 question test based on requirements for the the State of Ohio 9th Grade Proficiency Test. Get immediate feedback on right or wrong answers. By C. Galica and B. Lewandowski, The Learning Technologies Project.
  • Automaths
    A little basic but I like the smiley faces you get for right answers. Good for improving your mental math speed. Hit the "Enter" key after you put in your answer to a problem. By Education by Design.
  • Add-Subtract-Multiply-Divide
    Good basic "mental math" practice. Gilbert Chandler College, University of Melbourne, Australia.
  • Interactive Algebra
    Also by Mr. Bunge. Very good Algebra practice!
  • Math Journey
    Pick the topic you want to practice and this drill game takes you on a trip.
  • QUIA Top 20 Mathematics Activities
    Quintessential Instructional Archive (QUIA) Top 20 list of mathematics practice/drill games. QUIA's home page has a lot of practice games for other subjects too. If you really get into these you can also create your own practice games.


Math Puzzle Sites


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