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Chapter 5 - Exploring Polynomials and Radicals Expressions


Perfect Square Trinomial Lesson
This is a mini-lesson on Perfect Square Trinomials, just prior to this is a lesson on Difference Of Two Squares. Click on the D.O.T.S. link. Work the examples if you need the practice or continue on to the Factoring lesson. By TheMathLab.com. (click here).


Another Perfect Square Trinomial Lesson
This is a another mini-lesson on Perfect Square Trinomials. From eTAP, Electronic Teaching Assistance Program, a California Nonprofit Corporation. (click here).


Cynthia Lanius' Fractal Lesson
Introduction to fractals. By Cynthia Lanius at Rice University in Houston, Texas. (click here).


Suzanne Alejande's Interactive Fractal Lesson
Live fractals! Also includes links to other fractal sites. By Suzanne Alejande at The Math Forum. (click here).


Double Fractal Home Page
Download "Double Fractal" -- a free, simple to use program for generating your own fractals. For a Windows PC. Program provided by Donaldo Schüler and João Schüler. (click here).

Additional Biographical Links
The biographical links are to the web site of Trinity College at Dublin, Ireland.


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