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Chapter 4 - Using Matrices
The Basics of Matrices
This site has a nice introduction to matrices, click here to visit. The site is by Darlene Nelson who teaches an Honors Algebra 2 course at Marquette High School near St. Louis, Missouri.
Shodor's Interactive Box Plot
This site has some very good interactive lesson plans. This one is on box plots. It includes a discussion of box plots between a mentor (a teacher) and a student -- click here to visit the discussion. It also has an interactive "live" box plot page -- click here to visit. You can enter your own data and experiment with it, it is much easier to view than on your graphing calculator. Try it! The web site is by the Shodor Education Foundation, Inc. of Durham, North Carolina.
The Linear Algebra Toolkit
This site has a comprehensive set of interactive tools for manipulating matrices, use this tool wisely and not as a substitute for your own learning but as a check of your work or to get you past a "sticking point", click here to visit. The site is by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. .


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