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Chapter 11 - Investigating Sequences and Series
Significant Figures
  • Significant Figures - Description and Examples
    Web site is from the Chemistry Department at Illinois State University.
  • Significant Figures Quiz
    When you think you understand significant figures, try to ace one of these short, but well done and interesting quizzes. Site is by Fred Senese at Frostburg State University, part of the University System of Maryland.
Greek Alphabet
With the introduction of the Sigma Notation for Sums in this chapter, you can browse the following site provided by the Platonic Realms Mathematics Encyclopedia for a preview of other Greek symbols you will be using in your math studies.   Click Here.
This biographical link is from the web site of Trinity College at Dublin, Ireland. Click Here.
The Magic Sierpinski Triangle
A random construction, compare to your paper exercise! Site is by Paul Grobstein, Jeff Oristaglio, Milan Radojic. Remember, there are more fractal links on the Chapter 5 page. Click Here.
Pascal and Pascal's Triangle Related Links


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